What can I say about myself?

Self taught, trial and error, loving visual statements in every way.

I grew up in a surrounding open to my creative endeavours, always telling me that I am capable of whatever I set my mind to.

Born on May 8th in 1971 in Germany, I then grew up in Canada and returned back to Germany in my early teens. Then I went through a student exchange year as a sophomore in high school in the USA. Art, drawing, music, writing, always at my side.
Painting becoming very important to me I soon started showing them, art shows – private and public, then a galerist started weaving my way through the art world. I quickly found my anchor, my main field of work – painting wise – in the abstract and in the critical. The silent screams through color and visuals. I have given art classes in the past showing students how to just let go and „feel“ the painting, not only paint it because one color fit well with another.
Life does not always fit in each and every aspect either. Why should a painting which depicts raw emotion?